To Stream Or Record Live Event Video, You Need Professionals

Live streaming offered a lot of video and vlog-makers opportunities to earn post content and earn money from it. To get the most out of the live streaming event, the same principles apply when you are recording and acquiring live footages. For beginners, it might be very easy to just record and go about the situation. For seasoned video makers, they know that it is not simple and they might need the help of professional recording app and person to do live event video recording.

Steps in live video streaming

Preparation is the key for a worthwhile live video production. In fact, professional stream recorders know that it is important to provide back up and set up the production ahead of time to insure a smooth live event video production without the hassle.

  • Check the venue – it is important to do a survey of the place. The larger the crowd, the better your professional live-streaming solution should be. Most app these days provide global content delivery network that expands the capacity of the live streaming video
  • Insure back up equipment and supplies – your camcorder, video cameras and phones may not be necessary so to insure you get the most out of the live stream recording, insure back up power supplies are there as well extra memory cards or camera in case there is a need for those.
  • Set up video – the area or location of your stream is very important because this is where you would be doing the recording most of the time or if you choose to move along while recording, be sure to know the route and path you would pass through
  • Set up audio – audio is an important factor because it adds value to the whole production. The better the audio system is, the better you can provide your viewers with real-time experiences. Professional microphones are available for purchase or you can also employ proven equipments such as Canon Vixia or Sony HVR.
  • Configure stream settings needed – you might want to get your live stream monetized. A good live event video production might worth a lot. Be sure that the platform you are using to live stream offer monetization features such as pay-per-view and subscription. It is better if the app is white-label so it would not be a hassle to upload.
  • Test and monitor – before the actual production, test your equipment and do a quick monitoring to see how the live stream work.