Why Storytelling Is The Best Approach To Promotional Videos

In this new era of technology where nearly everything can be found online, businesses have reoriented their operations to focus on the Internet and social media. The rapidly-increasing number of emerging new businesses, however, makes competition online extremely difficult – and of course, businesses need to thrive in order to survive.

What you need to make your business stands out to includes visionary leadership, attractive offers, extraordinary service, and so on. But what you truly need for your brand is a story. People nowadays are more attracted and drawn into compelling, inspiring stories, and businesses need to understand that logic and use it as a marketing strategy. It is such a powerful tool to drive more sales and popularity for the brands.

What makes “Storytelling” the best approach to promotional videos?

Stories elicit feelings and emotions

Just like when you were kids, you like hearing stories and would love to have your parents read you bedtime stories. Like how mesmerized, wondered, or amazed by the stories being told. Stories simply connect you to people because they elicit feelings, emotions, and relevance. Stories promote trust, thus influencing their decisions. A well-crafted, well-told, and valued video story is greatly effective if it’s a short three-minute or less story- a clever story is very much persuasive. A short video story should compose:

  • A good  introduction
  • A goal
  • Obstacles
  • Crisis point or climax
  • A resolution

More persuasive than the sales speech

Many of those in traditional marketing didn’t realize that the viewer’s attention span is short, they tend to make a video telling everything about their business and viewers are easily put off with loads of information. It should be short and concise to be more effective. Nevertheless, it is video marketing is far the best approach.

It is cost-effective

Video storytelling in marketing may seem expensive, but truly, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on how resourceful you are in finding materials and how are you going to execute the storytelling. There are less costly or even free materials that you can use that are easily available such as stock images and stock videos, or you can use active materials. You don’t need to spend so much on a good video.

People easily believe what they see

It is much easier to process seeing a story rather than reading a material where one needs to use their imagination and put the pieces together in their minds and picture out the information being conveyed. A video is the best way to visually tell a story or convey a message, perhaps in marketing a business.